OK, this is the section where I tell you more about me. Of course you can always do a Google search or even visit my personal site click here. But in the meantime, I’ll share some of my background. 

I bought my first business when I was 18 and I’ve pretty much been an entrepreneur ever since (I’m 52 now so that’s a very long time).  I’ve done everything from being a commercial diver to selling encyclopaedias door to door. Forgive years I worked for a big Japanese shipping company called NYK, as their International Sales Manager for their Australian Great Barrier Reef cruise company, and that took me around the world many times over. 

About 20 years ago I was running a small marketing consulting firm in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Most of my clients were small business owners like myself. I started to notice similar issues being repeated time and time again. These business owners needed help to market their businesses but most of them didn’t have any money to pay a consultant like me. So the idea began to form in my mind that maybe I could write a book that would give them the advice they need. That’s exactly what I did. 

I was very fortunate to get published by one of the leading publishers in Australia, Allen and Unwin. My first book, 101 Ways to Market Your Business was published in 2000 and it very quickly became a bestseller. Allen and Unwin asked me to write some more books for them and I went on to write a further 11 books for them in total, all of which were quickly elevated to bestseller status. 

My books were also widely accepted internationally. They have been sold in over 65 countries and translated into Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian and Nigerian. 

The giant publishing company, Simon and Schuster approached me to write a book for them, a personal development book that incorporated my life (it’s been interesting). The ME Myth was born and that has gone on to become a bestseller in Australia and internationally. 

From the profile that these books gave me I started to get invited to speak around the world, talking about all things entrepreneurial for many of the largest organisations on the planet. I started to develop a media presence and profile, writing for INC out of America (among others), working with the likes of CBS, the European Union and much much more. 

For many years I had people asking me to teach them how to write books that they could use to leverage themselves and to build a profile as an authority in their space but I resisted until about 6 years ago. I was invited to put an author training programme together for the organisation DENT. I did this and my programme was then taught in Australia, Singapore, England and the USA. I delivered it in Australia and Singapore initially.

In that time I’ve taught over 500 people to write and publish a book. I’ve developed an incredible range of processes and frameworks built from my own experience with both traditional publishing and self publishing, the newer and in my opinion better option for authors today. I’ve run countless workshops, webinars, retreats, coaching sessions and created a mountain of resources. 

I’m proud to say that I’m easily the most experienced author coach in Australia. I am extremely passionate about helping people to become authors and then to really leverage their books to achieve all of the things a great book can actually achieve. 

That’s it in a nutshell, there is a whole lot more, but they are the bits that are relevant here. I would like to think that if you are serious about writing and publishing a great book, then I’m your man.

Andrew Griffiths