Author Coaching Andrew Griffiths Authorville

Every author’s book writing journey is a little different. Believe me I understand that more than most. I’ve had over 20 years experience working with mainstream publishers in Australia and internationally, selling rights to books globally, self publishing, leveraging an existing book, developing a publishing strategy and most importantly of all, simply getting that first book written.

I have a range of coaching products and programmes designed to help and support you, no matter what you need right her right now. I have developed very powerful and effective frameworks and processes that will help any author to make their book not just good but great.

Andrew Griffiths Publishing Strategy Session Authorville

This is a 90 minute session, done either face to face if we can make that work, or alternatively over ZOOM. The idea being that you let me know what specific area you need help with, perhaps getting started with writing your book, mapping it out, turning the manuscript into a book, publishing in general or even leveraging a book you’ve already published and I will coach you through the areas you need help with. This is a fast, easy way to get to answers to questions that tend to stop most authors from going forward. The cost of a Publishing Strategy Session is $995 inc GST.

One to One Author Coaching Andrew Griffiths Authorville

If you are really serious about writing your book, you might want to consider working one on one with me over either a 6 or 12 month period. With this coaching we develop a very specific schedule and book strategy and then make sure it happens. The 6 month programme will get the book written and published and the 12 month programme will cover leveraging and promotion of the book as well. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, shoot through an enquiry and we will tee up a call to talk it through. Both options cost $2,200 per month..

Author INC 12 months Program Andrew Griffiths Authorville

Twice a year I run a programme called Author INC. This is a 6 month programme where I work with a group of authors to get their first book written and published. Whilst it is a group programme with webinars and all kinds of other value adds, it does include a monthly one on one coaching session as well. The cost to do this programme is $7995.00 (please note publishing costs for the book are not included, but I’ll talk these options through with you). I also have an option where if you can get 5 or 6 friends together who want to write a book I can do a customised programme for you. Drop me a line if you would like to find out more about the Author INC programmes.

Leverage your book programme Andrew Griffiths Authorville

There are lots of authors out there who have managed to write a great book and publish it, but nothing happened with it. Most of the time this is because they didn’t know what to do with their book once they published it. So a pile of boxes sat idly in the garage. One of the things I’ve been doing very well is leveraging my books for over 20 years. Leveraging your book is what creates the opportunities, the profile, the media coverage, the credibility and the revenue. In this 6 month programme I work with a group of authors to teach them my unique leveraging framework. It’s the best investment you can make to ensure the book you’ve written actually gets the results you want. The programme costs $4995 and runs twice per year.