Author Retreats Authorville Andrew Griffiths

For the past few years I’ve been running 4 day retreat called Author Academy. This retreat is ideal for new authors, or people who may have written a book in the past but are looking for a more structured approach to writing their next one. 

I’ve run these retreats in Bali and Australia, and the feedback has been incredible. Over the 4 days we cover 10 modules, all focusing around developing your book idea, getting the structure right, producing your book strategy, clarifying your audience, writing the actual book, technology, storytelling, publishing your book and even your book launch. 

Being an immersive retreat, people attending get the value of learning from each other as much as from me. Everyone gets plenty of one on one coaching and personal advice. I want you leaving the retreat with a great plan mapped out so you are ready to write. You will also have your contents clear and your first chapter written. If you’re serious about writing your book, this is a great way to make it happen.  I run about 4 Author Academies every year.