Authorville Community Andrew Griffiths

One of the biggest challenges facing most new authors (and even experienced authors) is finding a peer group to offer support and advice. The publishing world is evolving at such a rapid rate, and when you consider that publishing and promoting a book is a complex project to undertake at the best of times, having a group of like minded people to offer feedback and advice is priceless. 

That’s exactly why I started the Authorville Community. This is a private Facebook group for authors and trusted publishing service providers to share thoughts and ideas, test things like covers, book titles etc and to learn new things. So it’s a community as much as a place to learn about authoring and publishing. It’s free to join and I guarantee that you will get a great deal of value out of being involved in this community.

To join all you need to do is visit the Authorville Community sign up page and you’ll become a member of the Facebook Group. Simple as that.