Publishing Services Authorville Andrew Griffiths

There are many business out there offering publishing services to new authors. But be warned, many have a great sales pitch but fail on every level when it comes to delivering. Even some of the biggest names in publishing talk a big game but they don’t meet expectations (they don’t even come close). I know this because I get the call or the email from the exasperated first time author, pulling their hair out with no idea how to get out of the situation they find themselves in.

Having worked with hundreds of new authors over the years I’ve built up a great network of publishing partners who can help with all aspects of the publishing process. If you are looking for advice and specific services in any of the following areas please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to do an introduction to a trusted publishing partner who will actually deliver on their promise:

  • Book editing

  • Ghost writing

  • Author public relations

  • Website development

  • Book cover design

  • Printing

  • Book distribution

  • Podcasting

  • Audio book production

  • Other publishing service